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Wood fencing is still one of the most popular fencing options. Wood fences can be easily customized to accent your surroundings, and are easy to maintain and repair, if damaged. Contact Shelby Fence Company for more information.

Wood fences are constructed at the time of your installation, which allows the fence to adjust to the slope of the land. This process helps to avoid stair stepping, which commonly creates gaps at the bottom of the fence. Wood fences will need to be stained to help maintain the appearance of the fence, as well as to help protect the fence from warping or bowing. Wood fences will give your property a natural look and are easily maintainable. Our owner and operator will personally set your fence's posts.
Wooden fence

Types of Fences We Install for Residential and Light Commercial Properties

Plain privacy (stockade)
On the privacy fence, the boards are placed right next to one another and the posts are flat. There is a finished and an unfinished side (framework side). This style is the least expensive of the wooden privacy fences. The only disadvantage of a plain privacy fence is that as the boards dry, you will be able to see flaws in the fence. For example, you will notice a quarter- to half-inch gap between boards as the fence ages, and twisting or warping will be more noticeable.

Exposed-post privacy
The exposed-post privacy fence is the same as the plain privacy fence but with exposed decorative posts on the outside of the fence. With this style, you are able to arch or scallop the fence.

This fence is constructed in the same way on both sides; boards are alternating, and posts are on the outside of the fence. The benefit of this style is that both sides will have a finished look. It will not show flaws as much, because the boards are spaced evenly 2”-4”, which allows the boards to expand and contract with less noticeability. The post can be flat, decorative or even capped. This style can also be arched or scalloped.

Capped privacy
This style is basically about privacy. The fence has an additional top runner as well as a trim board. This fence also has a finished and an unfinished side. This style of fence works best in a flat area.

This fence is available in three different heights: 4-foot, 5-foot, and 6-foot. The standard spacing between pickets is 2 inches. This style can be installed for less. It also causes less obstruction of views. The pickets can be French Gothic or dog-eared. They can also be arched or scalloped.

3-rail, horse, or pasture
This style is mainly used for livestock containment, with an array of configurations, post sizes and rail spacing.
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Shelby Fence Company is a premier residential and commercial fence builder. The wood fences we install will provide you with privacy, security and beauty. We offer a 1-year workmanship WARRANTY on installation services.
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